Our Story

sheamenceramic.com is a leading online retailer and wholesaler of quality tea sets, teapots and cups. We were established in 2015 in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China. Our goal is to provide our customers with the highest quality tea sets; our products are handcrafted by artists working in traditional Chinese ceramic and porcelain studios.
At sheamenceramic.com, our mission is to provide timeless and functional handcrafted china and ceramic ware. sheamenceramic.com promises a pleasant shopping experience for you.

The term "fine porcelain" conjures up images of millennia-old art, the Silk Road and the fine arts passed down from generation to generation. However, porcelain is also a practical set of tools that can accompany us in our daily rituals and enhance the enjoyment of tea. The form of our pieces follows function as we offer beautiful but functional pieces for everyday tea drinking.

We have carefully selected the studios we work with to bring you the best in handmade, fine china and Chinese ceramics. Before working with our suppliers, we first visit their studios and test their inventory. We look for studios that provide quality handmade work using traditional and trusted materials and pay their artists a fair wage for their work. We review studio-sourced material to ensure it meets our standards and is what it represents. Finally, we test their products to make sure they meet our standards for quality and everyday use. We work directly with them so that we can offer the best product at the lowest price.

The people at sheamenceramic.com are dedicated to providing our customers with a complete tea experience. As well as our selection of tea sets. Not only do we offer great options at great value, but we also work hard to promote the many health benefits of using tea sets. Also, we will show many applications of tea sets.

Best service on sheamenceramic.com.

We aspire to the highest standards of online business practice. This includes providing quality products, fast shipping, good customer communication, and thorough investigation and correction of any complaints.

If you have any questions, or need help choosing the product that best suits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service will be happy to assist you.

Huge selection, top quality!

We offer authentic Chinese ceramic tea sets, pure handmade china and ceramic tea sets, Zisha teapots and teacups with a worldwide reputation to ensure that our customers get a glamorous and noble look. We are passionate about what we do; you get what you pay for.

Wholesale Low price, big discount!
Some selected tea sets are available for wholesale. Please contact us and specify the product you are interested in and we can provide more information.