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Flourishing Royal Office Cup

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Product Measurements(cm):As is shown in the picture.

Sheamen Mugs are the ultimate in completely custom stoneware.
Settle into a cup of hot tea or coffee and relish the start of a brand new day.

✔Unlike traditional coffee mugs, Sheamen Mugs are designed with an ergonomic pocket so you can wrap your fingers in comforting warmth while you enjoy your favorite beverage.
✔Whether you fill your mug with coffee, hot chocolate or tea, these handmade one-of-a-kind mugs are the perfect blend of comfort and style.
✔Ideal for sitting around the campfire with loved ones on a cold night, or for those chilly mornings with coffee on the porch.
✔Handwarmer Mugs also make great gifts for friends, family or for yourself. Choose from our exciting collection of colors, and if you can't, then just order two!

* Dishwasher safe
* Microwave safe
* Ovenproof
* Lead-free