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Jian zhan Ocean Tenmoku Tea Cup Natural Clay Glaze Fired in Kiln under 1300 Celcius Porcelain Tea Bowl Ceramic Kungfu Teacup

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Why to Choose Jian zhan Tenmoku Tea Cup


1.  The craft of Jianzhan originated from that of Song Dynasty,it is thousands of

     years'craft, it is traditional,natural,valuable and collectable.

2.  normal tea cup is easy to break,jianzhan is not.

3. Jianzhan is thicker wall than normal tea cup to keep warm.

4. Jianzhan can soften the drinking water,make the taste better and it is good to human


5. Jianzhan is unique and beautiful,its pattern is naturally formed in kiln under high

    temporature around 1300 degrees Celsius.

6. Jianzhan is made by natural ore glaze and clay,it is eco-friendly.

7. Own a  masterpiece in teaware line.

8. It is good for use for all occasions.



Condition:completely new

Size: Ø9x5cm / Ø3.54"x 1.97"

Capacity: 120ml/4.06oz



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