Drink Kung Fu Tea With A Set Of Exquisite Kung Fu Tea Sets That Complement Each Other!(B)

Drink Kung Fu Tea With A Set Of Exquisite Kung Fu Tea Sets That Complement Each Other!(B)

Drink Kung Fu Tea With A Set Of Exquisite Kung Fu Tea Sets That Complement Each Other!(B)


Gaiwan is a kind of tea set with a cover on the top, a holder on the bottom and a bowl in the middle, also called "Three Talents Bowl". Short time, quick tea, few steps, good heat preservation, endless charm.

To drink Gaiwan tea, you don't have to open the lid, just half-fold it, the tea leaves will not enter the mouth, the tea soup can slowly ooze out, and the lid is not easy to slip off, and it can avoid the pain of hot hands, which is very pleasant.

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Tea Wash

Tea washing is a tool used to wash tea, mostly used to brew Gongfu tea. The appearance is like a big bowl, and the color samples are also rich and varied. When making Shanguo Gongfu tea, you should prepare 3 pieces, one positive and two pairs, the main wash is used to soak the tea cup, the second wash is used to soak the brewing pot, and the other is used to hold Cups of water and steeped tea leaves.

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Tea Tray

I believe everyone knows that the tea tray is a Gongfu tea set used to hold tea cups. There are various styles, such as crescent shape, checkerboard shape, etc. No matter how many styles we have, we generally choose tea trays, and there are traces to follow. The four-character formula of "light and white" is chosen, which means that the surface of the plate should be wide, so that when the tea drinkers are drinking Shanguo Gongfu tea, there are many people and more teacups can be placed; the bottom of the plate should be flat, so that the teacup can be stable and not easy to twist ; And the edge should be light and the color should be white, mainly to set off the teacup and teapot and make it gorgeous.

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Tea Mat

When brewing Gongfu tea, the tea pad tea set is smaller than the tea tray in use, and is used to place the brewing pot. There are many styles, which can be selected according to the changes of seasons, usually "slightly in summer and dark in winter".

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Tea Sea

The sea of tea means that when we are brewing our Shanguo Gongfu tea, it is used to divide the tea; pour the brewed Gongfu tea soup into the sea of tea first, so that the tea soup will be more uniform; the tea soup poured out first will not be compared with the later The light poured out of the noodles is also called the Cup of Justice.

The above is an introduction to the functions of Gongfu tea set. Seeing this, I believe that everyone should know what Gongfu tea has, and can have a better understanding. "Make tea with your original intention. Simply drink good tea!"
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